About OMVC Members

Who are the OMVC's Members?

Within three years the OMVC has grown to include:

  • Over 900 TV stations, including public television stations
  • Sixteen out the top 20 station groups
  • Nationwide coverage

OMVC's reach, influence, and membership continue to grow. Broadcasters are excited about a voluntary organization committed to fostering open competition in the development of products and services advancing mobile digital television.

OMVC membership is open to U.S.-based television broadcasters and related entities dedicated to advancing mobile digital television.

OMVC Members

Associate Members

"Local news and sports, together with highly promoted and branded network content, will be fundamental to the mass appeal and adoption of Mobile TV; just as they have historically, and without exception, been for every major advance in television over the past half century – cable, VOD, DVR, and now Mobile TV."

Howard Horowitz President Horowitz Associates, Inc. Market Research and Consulting

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